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Right Of Way Editor

Simply put, a right-of-way or ROW refers to the width of an avenue, road or street from a private property line on one side of the ROW to a property line on the other side. One aspect of the Gateway project is to consider whether and how University Avenue reflects the corridor’s emerging brand as a centre for learning, discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. Another aspect is to consider whether the Avenue functions as a safe and sustainable travel route for vehicle traffic as well as public transit users, cyclists, and pedestrians. The Right-of-Way Editor is a visioning tool that allows you to select a segment of University Avenue, and craft a vision that reflects how you believe private vehicle, freight, public transit, cycling and pedestrian traffic could be accommodated on a given road segment.

Please Note: There are no current plans to redesign and reconstruct University Avenue. The vision that you share with the project team will help inform potential priorities for the Avenue and how University Avenue could be redesigned in the future.

To begin the Right-of-Way Editor, select one of the road segments below. In order to complete each cross-section, you must fill the entire road width with elements (or lanes) that add up to exactly 15 metres (i.e. half the width of the Right-of-Way). If you get stuck because the road elements add up to less than 15 metres and there are no other road element options available for you to complete and submit your vision, you need to adjust the width of one (or more) of your elements to either make up the difference or free up enough space so that another element becomes available to you. Click the Stuck button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen to view a listing of road element width parameters.

Please choose a segment of the University Avenue Corridor:

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Pedestrian Lane:

Buffer Zone:

Cycling Lanes:

Shared Lanes:

Vehicle Lanes:


Minimum 0.0 m
Maximum 0.0 m
Preferred 0.0 m

Remaining Width 15.0 m

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